Enigma Networks

I worked with Enigma Networks to bring clarity, accessibility, and style to their existing website through a complete content rewrite.

December 2008

managed-it-enigma-networksEnigma Networks is a Canadian IT and IP solutions provider run by the often shockingly savvy Joseph Funari. The goal of this project was to develop fresh site content for these network-building professionals that was both technical enough to appeal to IT experts, and friendly enough to appeal to non-technical business owners.

To up the ante in terms of the variety and dynamism of the content, I developed the concept of having quotations at the top of each page. Nothing new, you might say. However, the uniqueness of this format lies in that the quotations highlight common IT problems experienced by businesses, and are then followed up in the main body text with the solutions offered by Enigma Networks. By drawing the eye instantly to a negative on each page, you effectively surprise the viewer into reading on.

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